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2024 CCBA Annual Memorial Day Picnic

Come join us this year at our 2024 Annual Memorial Day Picnic!

Chinese American Museum Project

Exhibit Information:

  • Only museum exhibit on historic Chinese American culture in Fresno
  • Location is at the Kearney Mansion Gallery
  • The exhibit will run from January 26, 2024 through June 2024.
  • Public tours will be open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 12:00 noon, 1:30 pm, and 3:00 pm.
  • Private viewing from Tuesday through Thursday between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm can be arranged by contacting 559-441-0862, option 3
  • Fee is $10 per person for the Gallery Only Visit
  • To purchase tickets, please visit

Two Phases: 

  • This exhibition is Phase I, the first phase. The goal is to share and highlight the culture, contribution, and participation of the Chinese American community in the City of Fresno. Over the past 150 years, the Chinese have lived, worked, and belonged to this community like all the ethnic groups that claim this city as their home. This exhibition is the first museum presentation of the Chinese in the Fresno area.
  • Phase II is to find a permanent home for some of the artifacts showcased in the Kearney Mansion Museum exhibition. There are three possible outcomes that we will ponder and examine. There is a Fresno County Historical Museum within the Fresno Fairgrounds. Another possibility is in a building purchased by the Fresno County Historical Society. And a third possibility is the establishment of a Chinatown Museum.

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Board of Directors

2024-2025 Term

Jay Louie


Jay Louie

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Steven Wong

Vice President

Steven Wong

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Beverly Cho

English Secretary

Beverly Cho

Owner of Cho's Kitchen in Selma, elected to the Selma City Council as Mayor Pro Tem
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Jay Louie

Jay was born and raised in Fresno, working part time from an early age with his parents, Vickie and Kenneth Louie at Louie Foods, a noodle manufacturer and bean sprout grower. He graduated from Fresno High School and went to UCSB, then to UCB where he graduated with a BA in Economics. Following his degree from UCB he obtained a law degree from University of Loyola at Los Angeles School of Law. After passing the bar in 1975 he practiced law in various corporations and firms in LA. He returned to Fresno with his family in the latter part of 1986. While he was looking for a new legal position, he helped out at Louie foods allowing his parents to take a long well-deserved vacation. Before finding a new position, his father’s illness necessitated his taking over the business and has been there since. Louie Foods has expanded from manufacturing to include distribution of restaurant supplies. He became a CCBA Board Member in 1996.


Beverly Cho

Beverly Cho is the owner of a her family business Cho’s Kitchen, third generation in Selma, California that started in 1963. Beverly has been in CCBA for over 10 years. She’s has also been a member of the Central Valley Lioness Lions Club for over 20 years and serving as treasurer for many of those years. She was able to take groups to China for vacation on nine different occasions, who comprised of people she knew in the Central Valley. She loves to travel, having been to Europe and Asia. Currently she is elected to the Selma City Council as Mayor Pro Term which is a four year term.